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Award winning filmmakers Maya Gallus & Justine Pimlott formed Red Queen Productions to create provocative, cutting-edge films about women, social issues, culture & the arts. Based in Toronto, Red Queen makes documentary features, hour long, and series for theatrical release, traditional broadcast and the web. Our critically acclaimed films have garnered an international audience and have screened at prestigious festivals around the globe, including Toronto, Montreal, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, Paris, London, Turin, Bilbao, Bergen, Leipzig, Prague, Tokyo, Singapore, Seoul, Sydney & Istanbul. Our funding and broadcast partners include: The National Film Board of Canada, Rogers Documentary Fund, TVO, CBC, Bravo!, SRC, Canal D, Global Television, Knowledge Network, YLE Finland, France 1/2, Arte, SBS Australia, MTV/Logo, DBS Israeli and many others.


” …they have created a rich and diverse body of work, from straight-up vérité to hybrid documentary-drama, anchored in stories that humanize and bring into the mainstream often-derided or marginalized experiences. They’ve broken stereotypes and misconceptions about the choices women and LGBT people make. It’s work that’s garnered a passel of awards and international festival invitations for memorable characters and engrossing, openhearted stories told with humour, integrity, passion, beauty and, always, love.”
– Barri Cohen, POV Magazine