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Laugh in the Dark

2000/ one hour, documentary

Laugh In The Dark takes us into the heart of “queer family values” with an odd little wagon train of  “six fags, two dykes and an old lady” who pull into the dilapidated town of Crystal Beach, Ontario in the early l980s. The “boys”  dream of restoring this former resort town to its earlier glory, with a twist. They open a B&B, and stage lavish cabarets, complete with lip synching drag queens, to raise money for early AIDS awareness.
A love letter about a chosen family that must confront its own losses, illustrating that grief is not just a private burden but affects everyone – gay, straight, men and women.

Produced in association with Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, National Film Board of Canada-PAFFPs

“One of the most effective and affecting elegies in Canadian queer cinema.”
– Thomas Waugh, ‘The Romance of Transgression in Canada’

Film Festivals


Director & Writer

Justine Pimlott


Justine Pimlott


Best Canadian Film – Inside Out Film Festival
Best Social Issue Documentary – Hot Docs

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